Protocall Design, LLC - Shipping and payment methods

Payment methods

We must charge sales tax for sales inside of Kansas. This includes orders from Missouri residents who will be picking up their order at our shop. All other states' sales tax is the responsibility of the purchaser.

We will send you an invoice by e-mail and we ask that you use the invoice number as the reference for the payment.
Credit Card
Please do NOT e-mail your credit card details. E-mail is very insecure, and any number of people can intercept it between you and us and get your credit card information. We can call you to get your card number if you wish to pay this way. We will eventually be set up to take credit cards online.
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Shipping methods

We ship USPS Flat Rate Box (small for most products, medium where required), fully insured, the business day after receipt of payment. We experimented with sending sights by first class mail, but frequently the sights got lost in transit. Sending by USPS Flat Rate Box allows us to insure and track your order the most cost-effective way possible. The only products we ship first class are fiber-only orders. Those are shipped in a bubble envelope, uninsured, to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Shipping charges are rounded up to the nearest dollar. While we use USPS flat rate boxes, it does take us some time to create shipping documents and package orders. We do not charge a handling fee, other than the round-up.

We do offer the option of shipping via UPS or other mode, but we don't know those rates as well as the USPS Flat Rate box rates, so you will have to ask for an estimate. If you would like your order shipped the same day, please see Expedited orders for more information.

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International orders


All prices are in U.S. dollars.


We will ship all packages through the United States Postal Service, Priority Mail International, insured. No exceptions. We have recently had a bad experience with a First Class Package International that seems to have gone missing. USPS will not be able to return money if a package is not insured, and may not do much to find out what happened to a missing package if it's not insured, so as of 28 March 2019, we will no longer ship packages via First Class Package International. We can't afford to offer free replacements of items that get lost in the mail, and we don't want our customers to have to re-pay for an item they never received, so this is the best way for us to serve you.

Shipping costs will be estimated at the time you make your order, but can change due to package weight changes. We will make an effort to estimate your shipping costs as accurately as possible; however, we will not know true costs until your order is packaged and ready to ship.


Import duties are the responsibility of the purchaser, and are not included in shipping fees. We will not issue any refunds if you refuse to pay customs fees required to receive your package. You may or may not be charged duties or taxes. While we have no way of knowing in advance whether you can expect to be charged tariffs, we can provide you with the 6-digit Harmonized System (HS) code so you can determine whether that tariff code requires that duties be paid to receive your items.

Any import license requirements set by your country are the responsibility of the purchaser, and are not included in fees. We will not issue any refunds if your package is returned due to lack of proper licensing. We have no way of knowing if your country requires you to obtain an import license to import our products.

PLEASE NOTE! We cannot alter the HS code, mark items as gifts, or alter the values on customs forms. To do so would be considered fraud by the U.S. and foreign governments and would jeopardize our privilege to export to your country.

We do have most of our products classified for export as EAR99 - NLR (no license required).


Australia, Canada, Gibraltar, New Zealand

We can currently ship via USPS to Canada, Gibraltar, Australia, and New Zealand. We need to make sure we comply with all U.S. export laws and shipping requirements of the various countries in which interested potential customers reside. We are working on getting that information so that we can export to your country. We appreciate your patience.

Please DO contact us if you are interested in purchasing our products and you live in a country other than the ones listed above. Please understand that due to workload it can take up to 2 weeks for us to complete our research so that we can serve you.


At the moment, we are suspending shipments to Germany because the USPS prohibitions list for Germany has been updated (USPS Postal Explorer). We will investigate other shipping methods in the near future.

Unshippable countries

The following is a non-comprehensive list of countries to which we are unable to ship.

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Expedited orders

We handle product orders and prototyping jobs in the order they are received. Sometimes this means the lead time for your prototyping job will be longer than desired. For a fee (determined on a per-job basis), you can request that your prototyping job be expedited. Please inquire about cost if you need this service.

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