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This is a listing of the competitive shooting accessories we offer.

Stick Shift

The Stick Shift scope base puts the lead in for the Moving Target Event in NRA Action Pistol. Thus, once the gun is sighted in and the lead adjusted, the shooter only needs to hold center and remember to flip the lever to the side of the mount corresponding to the side the target is coming from.

The Stick Shift comes in two styles, Semi-Auto and Revolver, and two colors, black and silver. It is machined out of high-grade aluminum. In the 25+ years we have been selling these, not one has worn out that we are aware of. Occasionally, internal parts may need to be replaced after many years, but if you'll excuse the expression, they're pretty much bulletproof.

We offer a spare parts kit for the Stick Shift, in case you lose a part and need to replace it, or for "just in case." It includes all the internals of the Stick Shift, but does not include the mounting screws or the top or bottom aluminum parts.

The Stick Shift/Revolver is machined on the bottom to fit on a Smith & Wesson revolver with an adjustable rear sight. If you have a fixed rear sight, you will want to order the Stick Shift/Semi-Auto, instead. When mounting the Stick Shift/Semi-Auto on a scope mount, it is wise to machine a small step in the bottom of the Stick Shift to act as a recoil lug. While not strictly necessary, it will relieve stress on the mounting screws and provides a good location surface for attaching the Stick Shift to your scope mount. Do not mill more than 1/16" off the bottom of the Stick Shift.

If you like to shoot a heavy, slow bullet, we have the ability to make your Stick Shift adjustable for large leads. Just ask for the "slow bullet" internals when you order, or order a "slow bullet" spare parts kit.

For instructions and information on how to use the Stick Shift, please look at our Support page.

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Stick Shift Barricade Mount

If you are building a new open NRA Action Pistol gun from scratch, the Stick Shift Barricade Mount (SSBM) is the way to go. It features the Stick Shift mover mount integrated into a shroud. While you could buy a Stick Shift/Semi-Auto and a shroud and have them installed on your gun, the Stick Shift Barricade Mount is the way to get the scope as low on the gun as possible. The SSBM includes wings to help you get locked up on the barricade as firmly as possible. The standard wings are 1 1/4" tall, 1 1/4" wide, and 1 1/4" long (front to back).

Semi-Automatic Barricade Wings

In addition to our standard size wings, we also offer some taller wings for those folks who would like a little extra material to start with. Our other two sizes of wings are the same width and length, but are two different heights, 1 1/2" and 2". Some people like to start with the larger wings and sculpt them to fit their style.

For instructions and information on how to use the Stick Shift Barricade Mount, please look at our Support page.

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Prone Pad

The Prone Pad fits on a 1911, and gives the prone shooter a bit of a height boost for his or her sights. You know how it is. You go prone, and then you have to crane your neck to be able to see through your dot or to see your front sight. Well, the Prone Pad helps with that problem.

The Prone Pad mounts to the bottom of the grip frame, using the mainspring housing pin hole as the connection point. You replace the stock mainspring housing pin with the longer pin included with your Prone Pad, and then use the included Allen wrench to snug the set screw up against the bottom of your mainspring housing. Some people like to leave the set screw loose so that they can adjust the angle of their gun depending on the conditions.

When you install your Prone Pad, you will need to trim your grips.

We offer two different styles of Prone Pad. The first is the regular version, with a rounded top. The second is the large-hand version, with an angled (chamfered) top. Both are the same size, but the large-hand version gives those shooters with extra-large-sized hands (8 1/2" or more around the knuckles) a bit more "comfort room." Both styles come in either black or silver.

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Prone Pad Extension

Some people like to have their sights raised even higher than a standard Prone Pad allows. To help with this, we have developed the Prone Pad Extension. It attaches to the base of your Prone Pad and gives you an extra inch of height.

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Revolver Wing

If you're building an open revolver for NRA Action Pistol, all you need to get is a Stick Shift/Revolver and a Revolver Wing. This wing screws on to your barrel, just forward of your Stick Shift, with the same size screw as holds the Stick Shift on your gun. Your gunsmith will need to drill and tap one hole on the top of your barrel to mount this, but then you're ready to go! These come in two widths, .720 and .770, so measure the fattest part of your barrel before ordering. They also come in two colors: black and silver.

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Mover Front Sight

If you want to shoot a metallic gun for NRA Action Pistol, but you want to be able to hold center on the Moving Target Event, you will need a Mover Front Sight. Developed for Jerry Miculek, this front sight acts the same as the Stick Shift does, but for a metallic gun. These are made to order, and are .300 tall. The width of the blade can be anything from .090 to .125, depending on your preference. Lead is adjustable to your bullet velocity and desired point of impact by set screws on either side of the sight.

Since these are custom parts, and not off-the-shelf, there is a lead time of about a month. If you would like us to mount your sight on your slide, you can send your SLIDE ONLY to us, and we will mount the sight for free. If you have a Mover Front Sight that you have purchased second-hand, and you would like us to mount it on your slide, you can send the slide and sight ONLY to us, and we will mount it for a fee.

For instructions and information on how to use the Mover Front Sight, please look at our Support page.

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Revolver Sights for Smith & Wesson K-, L-, and N-frame

Front Sights

We make replacement Patridge front sights for Smith & Wesson K-, L-, and N-frame revolvers in five heights (.200, .225, .250, .275 and .300) and two widths (.125 "factory width" or .100 "skinny"). Our sights come either as fiber optic sights or plain black. None of our sights have serrations on the rear.

We offer our front sights in either pin-on, classic (easy-change), or dovetail (for V-Comp or Competitor revolvers). To determine whether your sight is a pin-on or Classic sight, unload your revolver, open the cylinder, and look under the front of the front sight. If you see a hole as pictured here, you have a classic sight. These sights are easily changeable due to a spring detent and pin arrangement. If your revolver does not have this hole, look on the side of the sight to see if there is a hole under the sight through the top of the barrel. If so, you have a pin-on sight. If you see no holes, your sight is likely machined into the barrel, and you will want to order a pin-on sight and have it installed by a competent gunsmith.

See the chart below to see if your sight is an available combination.


Fiber Optic

Our fiber optic front sights are precisely machined so that you can use the black sight outline to form your sight picture. The fiber optic is there for faster sight acquisition after firing a round.

We offer these sights in green, orange, and red. Green is by far the brightest color, orange is second-brightest, and red is not very bright at all. See this photo for an idea of the comparative brightnesses of the colors.

If you're not sure which color you'd like better, or if you just want to have extra fibers on hand in case of breakage, you may order extra fibers with your sight and your shipping costs will not increase. We've found that people like to order a variety pack, which is available at a discount, or a 3-pack of one color, also available at a discount. See our pricing page for details.

Plain Black

Our front sights are also available in plain black, for those who prefer not to have a fiber optic front sight. They are as precisely machined as our fiber optic front sights for excellent sight picture whether for plinking or competition.

Sights for 686/629 Competitor Revolvers, 627 V-Comp Revolvers, and S&W Governor Revolvers

Since the release of the 686 and 629 Competitor, we have answered the call for aftermarket fiber optic front sights with a dovetail mounting style to address the concerns of shooters who want that extra bit of color to contrast against black targets and berms. These sights also fit the 627 V-Comp and Smith & Wesson Governor revolvers. These sights come in standard factory width of .125 and two heights: .250 and .300 tall. The factory sight is .250 tall, but if you are shooting heavy, slow bullets, you might want to purchase the .300-tall sight.

Fiber Optic Rear Sights

We also provide replacement fiber optic rear sights for Smith & Wesson revolvers with adjustable rear sights. This replacement rear sight goes in place of the blade in your existing rear sight assembly. We do not sell the rear sight with an assembly, but a rear sight assembly may be ordered with your sight.

While it is not difficult to replace the rear blade with our fiber optic sight, it does require some special knowledge that not all gunsmiths are aware of. We will be happy to share this information with you, and at some point in the future, we will be creating a how-to video to share with our customers.

Alternatively, you can send us your rear sight assembly, and we will change the blade for an additional fee, and send you back your rear sight assembly, along with your original rear sight blade.

If you order a front and rear sight at the same time (fiber optic or black front and fiber optic rear), we offer a $25 discount on the set.

Front Sight Bases for Classic Sights

We now make sight bases for Smith & Wesson K-, L-, and N-frame revolvers.

These sight bases accept Classic (quick-change) front sights. They are shorter and more secure than the factory sight bases because they don't include a spring. Instead, you back the set screw in the front of the sight base out about halfway to change your front sight.

No more accidental losses of front sights, if you inadvertently push your front sight up against an obstacle!

Front sight is not included.

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Revolver Modification for Hogue PowerSpeed Holster

We make an adapter kit for the Hogue PowerSpeed holster to adapt it to holstering revolvers. It has a full lock position, a half lock position, and an unlocked position. This modification allows you to convert your PowerSpeed holster to carry a revolver from 4" to 8 3/8" barrel lengths. When the revolver is holstered and the holster is fully locked, it cannot fall out of the holster. This holster can be used either right-handed or left-handed.

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