Protocall Design, LLC - Shooting product prices

Here is a listing of prices for our shooting products. Eventually, we will have online ordering capability, but in the meantime, just contact us to order. We usually respond within a business day, not including weekends.

Most shipping costs have increased, so I have updated the price list, today, 27 January 2020.

Please note that the shipping costs on this page are only for domestic shipping. Please refer to Shipping and payment methods for information on international shipping methods and costs.


(SFRB and MFRB refer to small and medium flat-rate boxes.) Tax is charged on orders shipped to Kansas and Missouri addresses. Shipping prices are not guaranteed, as the post office changes rates periodically, and we may not have updated this page, yet.

ItemShipping methodPriceShipping (one piece)Total cost for one piece, shipped
Stick Shift/Semi-AutoUSPS SFRB$350.00$16.00$366.00
Stick Shift/RevoUSPS SFRB$375.00$16.00$391.00
Stick Shift Barricade MountUSPS MFRB$850.00$32.00$882.00
Semi-Auto Barricade WingsUSPS SFRB$45.00$10.00$55.00
Prone PadUSPS SFRB$90.00$13.00$103.00
Prone Pad ExtensionUSPS SFRB$90.00$13.00$103..00
Revolver WingUSPS SFRB$90.00$13.00$103.00
Mover Front SightUSPS SFRB$525.00$20.00$545.00
Front Sight/Fiber Optic (pin-on or classic)USPS SFRB$45.00$10.00$55.00
Spare fibers (2" piece) ordered with sightUSPS SFRB$2.00$0.00$2.00
Spare fibers (2" piece)First-class mail$2.00$4.00$5.00
Spare fibers 3-pack (3-2" pieces) ordered with sightUSPS SFRB$5.00$0.00$5.00
Spare fibers 3-pack (3-2" pieces)First-class mail$5.00$4.00$8.00
Front Sight/Black (pin-on or classic)USPS SFRB$40.00$10.00$50.00
Front Sight/Dovetail (for Competitor/V-Comp)USPS SFRB$90.00$13.00$103.00
Fiber Optic Rear SightUSPS SFRB$80.00$13.00$93.00
Sight set/Fiber optic front, Fiber optic rearUSPS SFRB$100.00$14.00$114.00
Sight set/Black front, Fiber optic rearUSPS SFRB$95.00$14.00$109.00
Holster ModificationUSPS MFRB$75.00$20.00$95.00

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